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Here at Aesthetic Dental we are dedicated to providing each patient with the individualised treatment they deserve.

We believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best. By combining the most advanced technology and training in both dentistry and facial injectables and fillers, we provide each patient with a personalised treatment plan to ensure the best result for the best value.

Botulinum Toxin Wrinkle/Muscle Relaxing Treatments


By administering small amounts of Btx across the muscles of the forehead, the appearance of horizontal & some vertical wrinkles when raising the eyebrows can be reduced or totally eliminated.

Eyebrow Lift

Careful placement of Btx around certain areas of the forehead, under the eyebrows & around the eye area can create an eyebrow lifting effect. This can open up the eye & give the brow a more pleasing arch.

Frown Lines

Btx placement in the frown lines betwen the eyebrows can reduce or totally eliminate their appearance. Treating this area can also slightly raise the central part of the eyebrows.

Crows Feet

An injection of small amounts of Btx in the crows feet area around the eye can dramatically reduce the amount of wrinkling when smiling & squinting. Treating this area can also give the eyebrows a slight lift.

Smile Lift

Very small quantities of Btx can be used to lift a smile where the corners of the mouth are downturned.

Orange Peel Chin

A single injection of Btx can massively decrease or eliminate the appearance of chin dimpling.

Bunny Lines

Placement of small amounts of Btx on either side of the nose can eliminate the wrinkles around the nose when nostrils are flared or during smiling.

Gummy Smile

Lips that rise up during smiling to reveal the gums can be prevented from rising as much via the placement of small amounts of Btx just beneath the nose.

Tooth Grinding/Clenching & Square Jaw Reduction

Tooth grinding & clenching are commonly the result of hyperactivity of the muscles involved in chewing. This can result in problems such as excessive tooth wear, tooth mobility, headaches & oversized muscles leading to a squared-off jaw appearance.

Placement of Btx in these hyperactive & oversized muscles causes them to relax & eases the clenching, grinding & the associated symptoms. Over time the large, overworked muscles also will decrease in size giving the added benefit of slimming down the appearance of the jaw.

Dermal Filler Treatments

Lip Sculpting/Volumising

Dermal Fillers can be used in the lips in two ways:

  • They can add volume giving a fuller effect
  • They can add definition to the borders giving a better shape

Cheek Bone Defining

Placement of dermal filler around the cheek bone area can dramatically change the appearance of the face. Not only does the cheek bone become more defined but the particual position that the filler is placed can also give the lower part of the face a lift.

Facial Line Reduction

Dermal Fillers can be used to carefully decrease the appearance of lines in almost any area of the face. Marionette lines from the corners of the mouth, naso-labial lines from the corners of the nose to mouth, deeper forehead wrinkles & smokers lines are all treatable.


Tear Trough Treatment

Through the aging process, the volume of the tissues under the eyes decreases giving a hollow, tired appearance with dark circles. Placement of dermal filler in this area can restore the volume by filling out the hollows & therefore decreasing the appearance of dark circles.

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